C4R entered the Moldovan market!

C4R continues to expand its presence in the markets of Eastern Europe. Signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Linella. This is the first project in the Republic of Moldova.

The C4R team has started work on the implementation of a joint project with Moldretail Group, the owner of the Linella retail chain - which is the number 1 food retailer in the Republic of Moldova.

The retail chain Linella was founded in 2001, currently unites 176 stores in the supermarket format, and occupies a third of the organized retail market in the country.

Linella implements Symphony RetailAI solutions as part of the agreement with the C4R  team. Business process automation will focus on the following areas:

It should be noted that within the framework of the project C4R plains to introduce its own products which cover:

  • assortment management (AM);
  • retail space management (LMS).

The project involves two stages of implementation. The first stage is planned to be implemented in 2022, and the second one - is in 2023.

At the first stage of the project, work is planned to integrate the customer's ERP system with the master data management module (RDM) and organize all data flows between Symphony RetailAI modules. At the same time, a retail and shelf space management (MCM) and assortment management project is being launched, which will reduce overstock and out-of-stock, as well as increase profit per square meter. In addition, a project related to forecasting and auto-order will be implemented.

In 2023, it is planned to introduce an ERP system, a warehouse logistics management system (WMS), including auto-order from a distribution center (GWR), as well as Promo management and forecasting tools, a store operations management system (Store Operation) and a mobile version (Store Mobility).

C4R and Linella have already formed their project teams for each area, carried out preparatory work, and began the stage of analyzing current business processes.

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