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How to work with planograms in a war, when for many networks it remains a top priority to keep the shelf full? Let's figure it out.

Which solution to choose for your retail chain, and which will be useful for business, who will help you set up the system and train employees on how it works.

What if the planogramming environment receives up-to-date data from ERP and transmits information to auto-order or other retail automation systems?

A correctly compiled range matrix gives a clear list of goods in the context of the outlet, which should be ordered, the logistics chain should be brought, and the store should sell.

Deeper analytics and shelf control with detailed AI-based image recognition become available to retailers.

How to make the rotation process efficient and regular? If you haven't decided yet, then let's figure it out together.

Today we will talk about the audit of the product arrangement. Get ready to find out all the fun. So let's go!

Goods stock should be sufficient to support average daily sales and optimal in terms of replenishment. How to take into account all these factors, calculate the required quantity of goods and what tools are there to simplify the process? A detailed analysis in our article!

How much do you know your guest, and why do customers buy from your store? How can sales be increased with this knowledge, and should a retailer use a Decision Tree?

How can optimizing shelf space help you free up your inventory investment, reduce storage operating costs and increase sales? Everything in our article.

The correct positioning of each SKU allows you to optimize staff performance and improve key business indicators.

An increase in average check and sales, brand recognition, a satisfied customer, and as a result, the increase in profit, all these are goals of any retail chain.