We move up victory together!

Ukraine is going through tragic times, but its brave daughters and sons have stood to defend their motherland. Every day the Ukrainian people pay too high a price - the lives of soldiers, children, women and men, the elderly. Unexpected for the whole world, the force of resistance stops the enemy, and in some places, Ukraine's Armed Forces go on the offensive. We believe that victory will be going soon!

The C4R team approach victory together with the Ukrainian people, and each of us is working in his place. This is the "battle" task of every citizen. Ukrainian retailers provide the necessary goods to their customers, and C4R specialists continue to provide technical assistance to all customers and partners without exception, except russian companies.⠀

Together with all of us, we do not stop, we work, and we believe that we will soon be together to build our Ukraine. We thank the heroic people who defend our state, who ensure the country's livelihood under fire, and all the businesses who work despite the circumstances.

We are united by one goal like never before!

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