Pavel Shcherbakov, the founder and permanent leader of C4R, celebrates his birthday today

Pavel once said: "The mission of Consulting for Retail is to bring business growth to its customers." The C4R team is united by the idea to provide businesses with the opportunity to develop with maximum profit through the development and implementation of effective IT solutions. And we apply this philosophy in practice in every project.

Over the past three years, many companies in various business areas have felt the harsh influence of external factors. And not all of them managed to cope with the difficulties that arose. Those companies that survived were those led by leaders who were able to look for new opportunities in any situation.

One such person is Paul. It is thanks to his determination, wisdom, and ability to think strategically in today's challenging times that C4R has managed not only to retain its existing partners but also to acquire new ones, gain additional skills and bring innovative products to the market.

This would not have been possible without creativity, willingness to learn and develop, as well as without the trust of partners, based on the impeccable reputation of our leader.

In addition to professional merits, Pavel has valuable human qualities: he is always responsive, open to dialogue with the team, takes care of the wishes and needs of employees, welcomes new ideas from colleagues, and is ready to help in their implementation.

Pavel Vladimirovich!

Based on your experience and intuition, you always make worthy decisions and successfully develop our common cause - C4R.

On behalf of our entire team, we wish you a happy birthday! We wish you fruitful ideas, promising developments, reliable and professional partners, the implementation of all tasks, and satisfaction from your work.

And we want to assure you that we will not let you down!

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