Together with Ukraine to Victory! C4R continues to operate

The war insidiously invaded the lives of the Ukrainian people. The C4R team is going through this tragic time together with the country because most of the team are Ukrainians.

And wherever our colleagues are now: in bomb shelters, saving our lives and families, in safe places, or abroad, we keep in touch, volunteer, and help each other.

The most important thing now is to unite in the face of trials and in all possible ways to continue to build our bright future, which we all dream of and which we are firmly committed to.

C4R understands that the most valuable contribution to the economy and support of our state and company is the continuation of work on new projects, support for existing ones, as well as a reorientation to other markets.

C4R declares openness to cooperation in other markets. The expertise of our team can provide solutions to problems of any complexity for retailers on any continent!

Together we are invincible!

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