Symphony RetailAI Named Best Software & Technology Provider 2021 by Food Logistics

Consulting for Retail (C4R) offers the best solutions from proven vendors for business process automation in retail, category management, logistics, and supply chain. That is why our team has been cooperating with the leading IT solutions provider Symphony RetailAI for more than 6 years. And quite recently, the systems and software of the vendor have received new recognition!

In December 2021, Symphony RetailAI announced that it was included in the list of the annual awards program – TOP SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY PROVIDERS AWARD 2021. The award is organized by Food Logistics, a well-known industry publication in the field of logistics. The nominees included industry leaders - software and technology providers whose solutions provide a safe, efficient, and reliable global food and beverage supply chain.

Symphony RetailAI solutions enable direct interaction between data, decision-maker, and contractor. This systems` feature allows retailers to quickly respond to changes in the supply chain.

C4R specialists have extensive experience in implementing solutions using Symphony RetailAI systems. The implemented projects successfully optimize retail logistics because the solutions:

  • provide integration with all systems;
  • support data sharing;
  • take into account demand forecasting;
  • cover all inventory management and tracking issues.

According to Symphony RetailAI, accurate demand and sales forecasting, the use of AI-based systems, and consolidated inventory data have enabled retailers to:

  • reduce inventory by 35%;
  • increase retail productivity by 40%;
  • reduce waste in the production of cooking by 10%.

Customer expectations are constantly rising. At the same time, temperature and timing still play a critical role in inventory management, especially for fresh products. This means new challenges for retail chains. That is why retailers are focused on gaining new opportunities to quickly respond to disruptions in the supply chain.

Retailers around the world choose Symphony RetailAI solutions to automate logistics processes because the systems offer a number of benefits:

  • allow managing all data on fresh goods and track expiration dates;
  • help to minimize waste, for which detailed dashboards are used that provide data on key product KPIs;
  • provide real-time inventory visibility as even one problematic link in the supply chain impacts subsequent ones. For example, if proper storage conditions are not maintained, waste will increase.

The vendor's portfolio also includes the best solutions for culinary production management. Large retailers have long appreciated the benefits of systems, and use solutions to manage food preparation processes in specialized production shops at stores. The systems operate based on AI (artificial intelligence, AI), which gives them many advantages over traditional solutions. AI systems help avoid additional costs by maintaining the optimal stock of food needed for cooking. The high accuracy of AI systems forecasts helps reduce lost sales without freezing funds into excess inventory.

The C4R team in their work applies the best practices and solutions in the field of retail, logistics and distribution of well-known global vendors and their own development. We apply an integrated approach to all tasks, we offer audit and consulting services, as well as technical support upon completion of implementation projects. If you want to know which systems will be effective for your trading network, fill out the form below.


Food Logistics is a magazine dedicated exclusively to the food and beverage supply chain. The audience of the publication is 26,000 people. Among readers supply chain managers, management of manufacturing and wholesale companies, owners and managers in retail, logistics directors (transportation, warehousing, distribution).

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