C4R automates the management of operations in the BRAVO market chain

The Consulting for Retail (C4R) team is implementing a process automation project in the stores of a large retailer in Azerbaijan - BRAVO. The solution involves the implementation of a system for managing stores and performing operations by employees through mobile devices (TСD - data collection terminals). 

BRAVO (Azerbaijan Supermarket LLC) is a large trade and retail network in Azerbaijan, uniting more than 90 markets. The retailer offers its customers a wide range of food and household goods. The network continues to expand and opens from 30 to 40 outlets per year. Accordingly, labor costs for the implementation of basic operations in the market also increase. Considering the high pace of network development, the retailer decided to optimize the business processes for managing the market operations. 

BRAVO has a positive experience of many years of cooperation with the C4R team. Since the beginning of 2020, our specialists have been providing 24/7 support for automation systems implemented by the retailer. And in 2021, the companies implemented a joint project to manage shelf space. To automate store process management, C4R experts proposed a solution based on the Store Mobility system from vendor Symphony RetailAI. 

The system fully covers the tasks of the retailer:

  • Mobility of store employees - allows you to perform store operations directly on the trading floor: using the TСD to make orders, receive deliveries and carry out inventories;
  • improves accuracy - allows the employee to enter data on goods on-site;
  • efficiency and relevance of data - all information is included in a single database;
  • the ability to work on any device - the application is compatible with Android and iOS, and also supports launching in a browser;
  • a modern solution that is constantly evolving - updates are regularly released, and new functions are added;
  • wireless connection - transmits data via Wi-Fi and supports operation in the absence of a signal (network connection is used to log in and update data);
  • reduces the cost of launching the solution and training employees - a simple and intuitive interface makes work as easy as possible.

The system allows organizing work with losses, and this is a key business process. Store Mobility makes decisions based on a set of settings to return the product to the supplier or write it off.

The system also allows to conveniently and quickly plan and conduct inventories, both complete, with several stages of recalculation, and operational every day.

The project started at the end of autumn 2021. C4R specialists conducted a series of workshops for chain employees and, together with BRAVO, designed future Store Mobility processes that will be debugged in pilot stores.

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