The strategic project uses a new mobile solution from Symphony RetailAI to optimize processes, simplify operations, and improve service levels through out retail outlets.

At the end of September 2020, the retailer Magnum Cash & Carry (Kazakhstan) successfully launched the first stage of the forecasting and distribution management system into productive operation

On october 15 C4R hosted an event for HR-managers and managers of retail chains and warehouses.

More than 15 consultations were held by C4R experts on RAU EXPO-2020.

Consulting for Retail, in collaboration with the Dutch consultancy company Category & Trade Company, launched an integration project in the Hubo DIY store chain, which has more than 200 stores in the Netherlands.

Consulting for Retail has announced the launch of productive operation of the warehouse operations management system at Korablik-R, the largest retailer of children's goods in Russia.

Click & Collect - our reaction to the urgent need for on-line purchases with delivery, or the export of purchases without entering the store.

Retailers Association of Ukraine is a specialized association of retail market players and companies directly related to retail.

From January 12 to 14, the annual large-scale retail event NRF 2020: The Big Show in retail is held in New York.

In the new year, our company will become the implementer of a large-scale project, which includes a number of solutions for the Nakhodka food network

Training session of the Partner Training Program from Symphony Retail AI company has held on November 19 - 21 in Lisbon.

The two-day workshop on Warehouse Management in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries took place in Minsk on 14th-15th November.

C4R is an international consulting agency in the field of development and implementation of innovative solutions for retail, C4R will act as a bronze partner on the Xcelerate Symphony Retail Forum 2019

Интегрированные решения позволят Magnum Cash&Carry поддержать амбициозные стратегические планы роста Компании.

«Пчелка-маркет» – сеть магазинов, специализирующаяся на реализации продуктов питания и разного рода товаров для повседневной жизни, совместно с Consulting for Retail, завершила проект по управлению ассортиментом.

New, innovative solutions will increase organizational effectiveness and improve consumer loyalty by optimizing the retail assortment and shelf space.

Совместно с компанией Symphony EYC, мы запускаем специальное предложение для компаний розничной торговли – стоимость на специализированный инструмент по работе с планограммами за 50% от прайсовой стоимости!

23 февраля 2018 г. Казахстан, г. Алматы, Holiday Inn.
Компания Consulting for Retail приняла участие в конференции для владельцев, руководителей и ИТ-директоров розничного бизнеса "Умные технологии в ритейле и сфере гостеприимства".

October 11, 2017 in Paris, France.
Company Consulting for Retail took part in annual Xcelerate Retail forum from Symphony EYC

14-15 ноября 2017 г. Казахстан, г. Алматы, ул. Желтоксан 181.
Компания Consulting for Retail, совместно с Symphony EYC и Корпорацией Honeywell проводят Практическую бизнес-конференцию «Технологии в ритейле и эффективная логистика».

Соглашение между компаниями будет способствовать повышению уровня управления ассортиментом и его визуализации на полке, точности построения выкладки для розничных сетей Украины.